Since 1981, Sheridan House has partnered with local churches to serve single moms in need. We believe that single moms are this generation’s “widows and orphans” (James 1:27). Whether the need is spiritual, emotional, physical, or financial, we strive to come alongside each single mom and walk with her in this journey.

Hardworking women in the Single Mom Program need support both physically and spiritually (James 2:14-7). Materially, we provide groceries, clothing, and other basic needs. For personal growth, moms attend intensive group training classes in areas such as finances, parenting, résumé preparation and interviewing skills, as well as meal planning on a budget and more.

Our goal through this training is two fold: equip these moms with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to gain economic independence and to thrive in their home, work, and community. As moms attend classes, they are invited to special events too! Find out how you can help moms during the more difficult times of the year through the Back-to-School, Thanksgiving Blessing, and Christmas Toy Shoppe events!

Rather than a handout, offer a hand up.

If you are a single mom in need of assistance, please contact us for more information and enrollment: 954-583-1552 or email Amy, the Single Mom Coordinator, at aadler@sheridanhouse.org

Single Mom Transitional Housing Updates

Our first transitional home were built in 2018 and we’re thrilled to share that the first two moms to move in have now moved out, one with her Master’s degree, the other as a homeowner, and both with great, reliable jobs!

We currently have 15 single mom families in our transitional housing program looking to take charge of their finances and gain their independence!

We’re also excited to share that two more homes are currently under construction and two more homes are in permitting!

Single Mom Ministry Events


One of our moms shopping in our food pantry


One of our moms left our transitional housing program and was able to purchase her very own home!


One of our moms earned her master's degree while living in the transitional housing


An overhead shot of the single mom village which provides housing for 12 single mom families