Gift Planning

The staff at SHFM is committed to a faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that the principles for living are revealed by God through Christ and the Holy Scriptures. We train parents on how to lead their families in a godly way; to do marriage according to God’s plan and to raise up children to take responsibility for themselves and to be tomorrow’s leaders – not followers.

Our goals are to minister to families, look at what God is doing and be ready to jump on board. The vision is God’s, He already has the vision. The response to the vision is ours, to notice what God is doing around us, see the need and respond for the glory of God and He will supply the resources.

We recognize that we have to be willing to fail. Moses kept going back to Pharaoh and he had to keep trusting God. The “win” for Sheridan House is changed lives – using felt needs in the lives of people to lead them to Christ.

Below is a list of the most popular and flexible ways that you can support Sheridan House through gift planning. For assistance or more information about gift planning, please contact Don King at 954-414-3389.

  • Appreciated Securities – stocks, bonds and mutual funds
  • Real Estate – houses, buildings, or other properties
  • Life Insurance – whole, universal or variable
  • Business Interests – limited partnerships, LLC’s or S corporations
  • Personal Property – royalties, copyrights, patents or precious metals like gold
  • Loan Notes – money owed to you through loan notes
  • Estate Gifts – proceeds from wills or trusts
  • Retirement Plans – 401 (k)s, IRAs or pension plans