The Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: The mission of Sheridan House Family Ministries, Inc. is to honor Christ, by serving the needs of children and families.

Vision: Sheridan House is committed to offering our community services, which give children and families the opportunity to reach their full, God given, potential; opportunities that might otherwise not be available due to impeding circumstances in the home.

Values: The staff at SHFM is committed to a faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that the principles for living are revealed by God through Christ and the Holy Scriptures. We train parents on how to lead their families in a godly way; to do marriage according to God’s plan and to raise up children to take responsibility for themselves and to be tomorrow’s leaders – not followers. Pro 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

History and Calling

Our calling is to serve children and families… training parents on how to lead their families in a godly way; to do marriage according to God’s plan and to raise up children to take responsibility for themselves and to be tomorrow’s leaders – not followers.

Logo Timeline 1968 Pastor Bill Billingsley and Sheridan Hills Baptist Church turn another local church into a Children’s Home, beginning with the parsonage as the home for boys.
1974 Bob Barnes becomes Executive Director of Sheridan House. He is currently in his 39th year of service.
1981 Social Services Program to help single parent families with groceries, clothing and furniture.
1984 Four acres of land was donated in South West Broward (Southwest Ranches) for a girl’s campus.
1988 The Michael Jeffery Peters Memorial Counseling Center at Sheridan House opens its doors. The counseling center was built to help individuals and families by offering affordable Christian counseling.
1994 The dream of a new campus was unfolded: a 40 acre campus with eight homes for middle school age boys and girls, a counseling center and a program for single moms with housing a daycare.
2001 By God’s grace, demonstrated through the generosity of 700 donors, Sheridan House closed on a new 57 acre campus called “The Miracle on Flamingo Road.”
2005 The new campus on Flamingo Road opens with three boy’s homes, a counseling center, the Single Mom Care Corner and the Family Resource Center (Sheridan House also operates the original four-acre girl’s campus at a separate location off Flamingo Road).
2007 The State of Florida votes to give Sheridan House its own license plate called: “The Family Values” License Plate.
2010 launches with website, blogs and a weekday radio broadcast on Reach FM.
2013 Sheridan House Celebrates 45 years of Ministry! weekday radio broadcast covers the state of Florida reaching up to 40,000 listeners per week with over 200,000 visitors per year!


The Ministry Model

People are introduced to our ministry as referrals from local area churches, through participating in Sheridan House seminars on marriage or raising children, the Broward County School System and by individuals already acquainted with our ministry.

  • Marriage and Family Seminars & Pulpit supply: Over 90,000 attendees each year.
  • Over 400,000 visitors each year.
  • Counseling Center: Over 4,000 individuals each year.
  • Single Parent Ministry: Over 3,500 moms & kids each year.
  • Residential Program for Middle-School aged children: Over 100 children each year.

In God’s goodness, we have been nationally recognized for effectively managing and growing our finances by Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest independent non-profit evaluator. We received their highest ranking of 4-stars demonstrating to our donors that we are fiscally responsible and worthy of their trust.

Goals for Success and Growth Strategy

Our goals are to minister to families, look at what God is doing and be ready to jump on board. The vision is God’s, He already has the vision. The response to the vision is ours, to notice what God is doing around us, see the need and respond for the glory of God and He will supply the resources.

We recognize that we have to be willing to fail. Moses kept going back to Pharaoh and he had to keep trusting God. The “win” for Sheridan House is changed lives – using felt needs in the lives of people to lead them to Christ.

Prayer Strategy

  • Over 220 women meet weekly at Sheridan House for a Bible study and to pray for our ministry.
  • Rosemary Barnes is the prayer team coordinator and the person who communicates our prayer needs and answers to prayers.

Human Resources

  • We look for people that have a servant heart that compliments the skill set we are looking for to fill a position.
  • Staff handles all dealings with the children, all counseling and operating the ministry.
  • Volunteers lend support to special events, the single mom’s ministry events, and fundraising events.
  • Volunteers are also critical to maintaining our property.

Funding Plan

YEAR 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Budget
INCOME $2,949,504 $3,695,373 $3,275,355 $3,156,953 $3,119,872 $3,309,902
  • The Board represents about 25% of our revenue and is very involved in special events, fundraising and introducing individuals to Sheridan House.
  • Fundraising activities are driven by volunteer committees, staff and board members.
  • We raise friends and funds through a series of special events held throughout the year which are targeted to differing demographics. Special events are responsible for $955,000 of our budget (28%). This year’s special events include:
    • 5K event that generates approximately $135,000
    • Sporting clay event that generates $70,000
    • Annual Auction that raises $55,000
    • Non-Event event $30,000
    • Flats-Fishing Tournament raises $180,000
    • Goliath Gauntlet Obstacle Run generates over $160,000
    • Annual Golf event with over 220 golfers grosses over $325,000


Since the inception of Sheridan House tens of millions of dollars have been raised through various sources of giving for capital building campaigns and general ministry donations.

Current Needs

  • HOME FOR GIRLS – We have a need for a girls home that will accommodate up to ten (10) at risk teenage girls, live-in house parents and a female Behavior Specialist who is also a licensed mental health counselor.
    • The floor plan on the 9,000 square-foot home would mirror the three existing boys homes at our main campus Funding has been put in place for architectural drawings which have been completed.
    • The Town of Davie has approved the site plan.
    • The estimated cost of construction is $1,086,863.
  • FAMILY TRAINING CENTER – The completion of a multi-purpose building will provide the vehicle for us to help more people.
    • The 10,000 square-foot building has been designed for the following uses:
      • Indoor play and training facility for the boys and girls residing at Sheridan House to include a gym large enough to accommodate a full-court basketball / volleyball court.
      • Meeting space to seat up to 300 single moms at single event which our current facility cannot handle.
      • Training and meeting space to accommodate marriage and parenting seminars currently held offsite.
      • The building will also include four breakout / meeting rooms, storage space and a prep-Kitchen
    • A grant in the amount of $50,000 was received in 2014 to fund Architectural Services.
      • The building design is complete.
      • The site plan is approved by the Town of Davie.
      • Our next phase is project funding.
      • Construction costs are estimated at $2,130,279.
  • SINGLE MOMS VILLAS – The next step in our ministry to single moms is temporary housing to provide these families much needed help and skills necessary to regain their independence. 2017 is the year we break ground on a multi-family housing complex where the families come live with us for 18-months as we train them on handling finances, budgeting and help with job placement and childcare.
    • 3,750 square foot tri-plex has been designed and approved. Engineering drawings and permitting was funded by a donor family.
    • The permit application was submitted to the Town of Davie in October of 2016 (site plan was approved by the Town of Davie).
    • This $525,000 building has received close to 70% of necessary funding through pledges and cash donations.
    • Sheridan House will need help with the balance of $150,000 to complete the buildout including furnishings and landscaping.