Changed Lives

Join us in celebrating how Jesus Christ has changed lives through the various ministries of Sheridan House. Whether it’s a child who’s life has been restored through our residential program, a single mom and her children who have been offered hope through our single parent ministry, or an individual or family who have broken through and free from an emotional/behavioral struggle through our counseling center; we give all the glory, honor, and praise to Jesus Christ for changed lives. He is the Way, Truth, and Light.

Another Great Story…

Promise of Purity

Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to myself, my family, my friends, my future husband, and above all else to God to be abstinent from this day until the day I marry my husband.

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Offering Hope & Meeting Needs

Call it a coupon, a voucher, a ticket, a token or slip… Stretching your dollars by being a coupon-savvy shopper was the topic of our last training session for single moms.

Leannette Hernandez of TeachMe2$ave conducted two high-energy sessions instructing our moms on how to make their dollars go further by taking advantage of freebie offers, coupons, and hot deals.  The practical “where and how-to” was explained in a fun and motivational way to our 85 single moms who attended.  They learned and laughed throughout the day as table and door prizes were given to the winning moms!

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Guard Your Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”  Proverbs 4:23

“It can’t be wrong, when it feels so right.”   So goes the lyrics of an old romantic song.  Really?

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Good News of Great Joy!

With Christmas right around the corner, the girls’ residential team customized their devotional time on the real meaning of Christmas.  Little did they know that God was working overtime in the hearts of two girls.

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Thankful Hearts

The constant stream of 340 single moms coming to get their turkey and “fixin’s” at our annual Thanksgiving outreach was a joy to behold!  One could see the look of relief and joy on the moms’ faces, knowing they would be able to provide a delicious meal for their children on Thanksgiving Day — all because someone cared to give!

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God’s Plan for TJ

With his shaggy hair covering his eyes, TJ arrived to Sheridan House last fall wearing an offensive rock t-shirt and a cynical “whatever” demeanor.  These external indicators proved to be sadly accurate in discovering some of TJ’s character traits as well; however, what we were unable to see was the determined and stubborn resolve that resided in him.

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Finding His Rhythm

When Shane arrived at Sheridan House he barely spoke above a whisper.  In a house filled with boys all striving to be heard, there sat silent Shane.  With a slow to speak and slow to act quality about him, making connections with others in the home was going to take some time.

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2011 Summer Trips

The boys and girls of our residential program experienced an incredible summer trip thanks to the generosity of our donors!  Because of your support to sponsor the summer enrichment program, their summer wrapped with two unforgettable trips.

The theme for the boys this summer was Man Up and their camping trip put everything they learned all summer into practice.  Not only did they eat military rationed portions that they were in charge of themselves, but when faced with the challenge of the mountain and elements they knew that they had to finish what they started…and they did!

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Teens Give Back

When friends Angela Lugo (14 years) and Melina Nunez (17 years) walked through the door of Sheridan House this summer, everyone was so happy to see them.  Escorted by Renee Weinstein, Angela’s grandma and a stellar volunteer of Sheridan House, both girls have served faithfully for our Back-to-School Event for the last five years.

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Trust Lost and Found Again

“I do not trust my daughter!”  Those were the words that resonated from Cassie’s mother during their initial interview for the Sheridan House residential program.  As a young child, Cassie was “a good girl” according to her mother; then, things began to change.  Cassie stopped doing her school assignments.  She withdrew from her family.  She initiated fights at school.  When she started sneaking away from home at night, her mother decided that enough was enough.

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