Meet The Sheridan House Team

At Sheridan House Family Ministries, we’re blessed to work with some of the very best. Our team also includes some amazing and faithful volunteers – which are too many to try to list here.

In 2021 Charity Navigator, the nation’s largest independent non-profit evaluator, once again gave Sheridan House their highest possible ranking of 4-stars for strong financial health and a commitment to accountability and transparency.  “Charity Navigator sets Sheridan House Family Ministries apart from its peers and demonstrates to the public its trustworthiness.”

Sheridan House is also accredited by ECFA .

Amy Adler
Amy AdlerSingle Mom Coordinator
Jon Adler
Jon AdlerDevelopment Services and Ministry Support
Dr. Bob Barnes
Dr. Bob BarnesCEO
Susy Beltran
Susy BeltranReceptionist
Steve Bodnarchuk
Steve BodnarchukProgram Manager
Robert Collado
Robert ColladoProperty Manager
Luke Comartin
Luke ComartinBoys’ III – Behavior Specialist Intern
Grant Costanzo
Grant CostanzoBoys’ II – Behavior Specialist
Bennetta Glenn
Bennetta GlennExecutive Assistant
Dave Hawranko
Dave HawrankoBoys’ III – House Parent
Laura Hawranko
Laura HawrankoBoys’ III – House Parent
Don King
Don KingController and Budget & Finance Coach Single Moms Ministry
Parris Lester
Parris LesterBoys’ II – House Parent
Nicole Perez
Nicole PerezFoundations Specialist and Education Facilitator
Molly Pursell
Molly PursellMinistry Assistant
Torrey Roberts
Torrey RobertsParenting On Purpose Manager
Jamie Rydberg
Jamie RydbergProgram Nurse and Ministry Services
Ellen Stites
Ellen StitesBookkeeper
Doug Stolfa
Doug StolfaMinistry Services
Brian Vann, LMHC
Brian Vann, LMHCProgram and Clinic Director
Eryn Vendrell
Eryn VendrellDonor Specialist and Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern
Rick Weber
Rick WeberPresident
Kim Weber
Kim WeberAdministrative Assistant
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Counseling Center

Katherine Hill
Katherine HillCounseling Office Manager
More About Counseling
Name Phone Title
Brian Vann 954-880-9595 Director of Counseling &
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Jaqueline Cabauy 954-880-9595 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Pierina Curran 954-880-9595 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Julianna Guevara 954-880-9595 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Barbara Moody 954-880-9595 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Odelaisys Saco 954-880-9595 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Natalie Talpesh 954-880-9595 Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Debbie Thomas 954-536-2426 Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Eryn Vendrell 954-880-9595 Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Kelsey Curran
Kelsey CurranGraphic & Website Developer
Annelese Johnson
Annelese JohnsonGraphic & Website Designer
Marjorie Hodges
Marjorie HodgesAdministrative Staff

Single Mom Ministry

Residential Program

Parenting On Purpose

Administrative Staff