Every few months, we invite graduates from our girls’ residential program over to catch up with them and to see how their lives have changed since leaving Sheridan House.  Here are a few updates on some of the graduates from last year:

Alexandria continues to make solid grades in high school and is very focused on achieving her goals.  She is a gifted tennis player and currently devotes all of her free time to the sport.  She is working diligently in the hopes of receiving a scholarship to play tennis in college.  Before Alexandria turned 16, she began a job search with the help of her house mom.  She is now following up on her interviews and hopes to save enough money for a car and for college.  Along with her family, Alexandria is staying involved in church and remains positive about her relationship with the Lord. 

Michaele (left), Savanna (center), and Alexandria (right) pose with their House Pop, Ranger Schneider, at their reunion luncheon.

Savanna has enrolled into the ROTC program at her high school and absolutely loves it.  She enjoys wearing her military uniform and is experiencing the benefits of becoming physically fit as well.  She is also dedicated to sharpening her study skills, and as a result, she is making good grades.  Savanna’s urge to stay spiritually connected is still going strong.  She and her sisters are committed to attending their youth group and to growing their personal relationships with Christ.  She continues to be an encouragement to others in her life as she uses what she learned while at Sheridan House to help her make wise choices.

Michaele enjoys attending her Christian high school and appreciates the positive roles her teachers play in her life.  She is doing well both academically and socially.  She has a wonderful network of friends in school and is also surrounding herself with positive friends outside of school.  Michaele is consistently working and improving her life skills at home.  She plans to attend college and is already contemplating potential career paths.  She teasingly said her goal is to work for Sheridan House as a Behavior Specialist.  With her direct and honest approach to others, it will be exciting to see what God has in store for her life.

We are very blessed to have worked with such outstanding young ladies and are excited to celebrate what the Lord is doing in their lives.  It’s a joy to see their progression and an honor to be a part of their journey.  In a few months, we will again look forward to catching up with our newest graduates, count our blessings, and get charged up to light up our world!