When Brian arrived at Sheridan House in 2006, he was quite a character. We couldn’t figure out if he was extremely brilliant or just “out there;” but he was always entertaining. Brian didn’t graduate from Sheridan House. Since he never really worked the program, his mom sent him to live with his father in Virginia. No one on the residential team thought that Brian had learned much from his experience at Sheridan House; however, after 5 years, Efrain Figueroa, his behavioral specialist, received this e-mail from him:

“I’m doing wonderful. People in Virginia are so much nicer than in Florida. I was shocked. In the tenth grade, I went to a military school. I learned a lot about respect. I’m proud to say that even though it was helpful to me, Sheridan House taught me way more about life. 11th grade was the most fun, life changing, and learning year of my life. I had a lot of girlfriends, went to the prom, met best friends, got all A’s B’s and C’s, did amazing on my report cards, and had a successful year. Now here I am in the last year of high school. I am planning to work next year while attending community college and then go to Virginia Commonwealth University.

Brian in 2006

I just checked out the Sheridan House website and noticed your position is called a behavioral specialist. It should really be father because you were a father to me, just like Mom and Pop. It’s so funny to think of things now. I didn’t understand all that was going on then, but now everything makes sense. I love you (even if that’s considered weird) as a father which you were to me. You are someone I look up to as an example.

I only talk to Robert, Anthony and occasionally Ryan from the home. Interestingly, we consider Sheridan House to be the best times of our lives. I guess the sense of family you gave us really did change our lives. I owe you a lot and one day if you are in trouble, I want to be there to help you. Thank you so much.”


We never know how or when God will cultivate the seeds we plant…we just know we are here to plant them!