“…Others had trial of mockings and scourgings, yes, and of chains and imprisonment. They were stoned, they were sawn in two, were tempted, were slain with the sword…. And all these, having obtained a good testimony through faith, did not receive the promise, God having provided something better for us, they should not be made perfect apart from us.”
Hebrews 11:36,37,39 NKJV

How often have we heard the testimony, “What God did for me, He will do for you,” only to discover that God’s plan is not always the same. We suddenly encounter a change of scenery in Hebrews 11:35. This sounds more like the “Chapter 11” experiences we have heard of. Did God fail these? Did they fail God?

We must recognize that there are many winners who sometimes appear to be losers. Some experience deliverance and abundance, but others do not; and we must not fail to remember that these too shared in the victory of faith.

The Apostle Peter once got his eyes on others and quipped to Jesus, “What about John?” (John 21:15-23) Jesus responded, “What difference does that make to you? Follow Me.” Faith can be, and often is, costly. It demands a sacrifice to God, and it necessitates that I not compare myself with others before God. God gives to every man a measure of faith – not a measuring rod for success.

We must realize that faith is a victory (1John 5:4-5). Faith is rooted in the evidence of God’s Word and in the substance of God’s character. Believers may sometimes look like failures to the world but in the eyes of God, their names belong in the Faith Hall of Fame.

“Feed your faith, it will starve your doubts to death.” -Corrie Ten Boom

QUESTION: Do you feel let down by God? Did someone you care about “miss a miracle?” Note God’s record of victory through pain. Faith is not only my deliverer, but often my companion.