“You are good, and what you do is good… Our God is in heaven; He does whatever pleases Him.”
Psalm 119:68; 115:3, NIV

Just for a moment, imagine what it must be like to do just as you please. No limits, no restraints, no one to tell you that you cannot…just the absolute freedom to do whatever you want! But would what you want to do be good? God can do whatever He pleases and it is always good!

The Bible tells us that God does nothing that displeases Him. All that He puts His hand to do delights Him because it is always good! That which is not good brings Him no pleasure. Therefore, He does not do it. He only does what brings Him glory and us good. We need to know that, especially when life does not appear to be working out our way. When we are hurting we need to know that God is still good.

Reasoning with hurting people about God’s goodness does not always diminish their pain. Telling them that God does whatever He pleases could actually prompt them to ask what possible pleasure could come from their pain. However, trusting His Word to be true, we find great comfort as the basis of our hope shifts from our experience to His revealed character.

Will we ever understand the relationship between our suffering and God’s goodness? Perhaps not, but when we know the Lord, we can believe that somewhere in the confusion, God’s goodness will ultimately prevail. Therefore, Godly wisdom advises us to trust the heart of God even when we cannot trace the hand of God, because God always does what He pleases and what He pleases is always good, and that is good news!

QUESTION: God chose not to remove the thorn from Paul’s flesh in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Was that the best course God could take? How does that apply to what you are facing?