“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and
lean not on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5, NIV

When our sons were learning to swim, one of the first lessons they had to learn was not to be afraid. They would stand on the side of the pool, and I would call for them to jump into my arms as I stood in the water. Initially, all my words of assurance meant very little to them. I am sure they wanted to believe me, but a lingering fear could be seen in their eyes. What if I dropped them? What if I jumped back at the last moment?

Eventually, they trusted me enough to take the risk. Only after trusting me did they really understand that I was trustworthy. Their anxieties could not be dispelled until they trusted me enough to take that leap of faith.

God wants us to listen for His voice calling to us through the fog of our fears. He really wants us to trust Him enough to believe and do what He says and then realize that He is totally trustworthy. Our own understanding can get in the way and cause our hearts to give in to fear rather than go forward in faith. God created us with hearts designed to trust Him regardless of what our clouded understanding tells us.

Once my sons learned they could count on me, I faced a different problem: how to get them to stop! They kept getting out of the pool and jumping into my arms again and again! God never tires of inviting us to come, even when He sees that we might be afraid. Go ahead, trust Him with all your heart and jump in!

QUESTION: What has God asked you to do that may require more faith than you have? As you look into the Father’s eyes, is there any doubt that He is worthy of your trust?