“I do not trust my daughter!”  Those were the words that resonated from Cassie’s mother during their initial interview for the Sheridan House residential program.  As a young child, Cassie was “a good girl” according to her mother; then, things began to change.  Cassie stopped doing her school assignments.  She withdrew from her family.  She initiated fights at school.  When she started sneaking away from home at night, her mother decided that enough was enough.

Cassie smiles proudly before celebrating her graduation with her family and fellow housemates.

Cassie’s behavior at Sheridan House mimicked a rollercoaster ride.  She quickly learned that she would be held accountable for every action and choice she made and that frustrated her.  Several times, she began to climb her way to the top, only to make a poor choice and lose ground.  When she could not convince her mother to withdraw her from the program, she would begin working again.  Each time, Cassie would come back stronger.  As time went on, her mother began to implement the program at home and Cassie began to demonstrate to her mother that she could be trusted again.

At the time of Cassie’s graduation, she had developed into a responsible and respectful young lady.  She now accepts responsibility for her actions and understands that there are consequences for her choices.  A huge change had taken place.  Her mom declared, “I am so excited to have my daughter home again!”  Cassie and her family are well on their way and we are excited for them.