“Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind
and straining toward what is ahead.”

Philippians 3:13, NIV

What an amazing statement. Not, “these twenty things I dabble in,” but “this one thing I do!” Incredible, when we remember the author of Philippians – the Apostle Paul, a versatile, keen-minded, high energy, multi-talented person, is sharing in absolute terms his ability to focus. Paul, accomplished, able, articulate, could have been successful in Roman politics, or in amassing great personal wealth, but he purposely streamlined his energies to dial in on one goal – God’s mission for his life.

To fulfill God’s mission for your life, you must take a lesson from Paul’s statement, “one thing I do.” The remarkable aspect of this confession is not the one thing he said “yes” to, it is the multitude of things to which he had said “no.” He is saying to maximize your life’s mission, you have to discover and disregard distractions. You must eliminate the waste!

What constitutes “waste?” Some things are easy to identify – anything sinful, sordid, self-centered. But if you are truly going to maximize your life mission and commit to “one thing,” you have to go further. You have to eliminate anything that distracts you from that mission. Translation: This means you cannot be wasting precious and limited energy and time on things that do not fulfill God’s purpose for your life. It has been said, “If the devil cannot make you sin, he will make you busy.” Today, be careful of the busy that keeps you from God’s best.

QUESTION: What is a distraction that habitually sidetracks you from God’s mission in your life?