“Love the Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with all your strength.”

Deuteronomy 6:5, NIV

      If I were to ask you what February is most noted for I feel certain that your answer would be, “Valentine’s Day!” The month that “love is in the air.” Many have attempted to define love, for example, my dad used to say, “True love is when you see me taking the garbage out and your mother going with me.” Everybody has their own opinion of love. We need to examine different aspects of love from a biblical perspective with the goal to have a better understanding of true love!

      We are instructed to “love the Lord your God…” with our entire being! Wow, what a challenge! Yet is it really that difficult? I have been madly in love with the “finest spiritual fox” on this earth, my wife Cynthia. I love her with my whole being and do you know why? Because she is my wife. Ours is not a distant relationship, our lives are very much connected as we interact with each other many times during the day. I know she cares for me and I know I care for her. By walking with her every day in relationship for more than thirty years we have a lifetime of memory markers that point to our love and complete loyalty to each other.

      When I discovered what God committed to me through Christ, I found I could enjoy the same intimacy and love relationship with Him. I apply the same principles in my love relationship with Christ as I do with Cynthia.

  • I spend the first moments of each day with Him in His Word.
  • I write to Him in my journal. 
  • I think of Him through the day and allow our relationship to direct my heart, my soul and my mind.

QUESTION: Can you honestly say today that you love God with your entire being? If not then ask, “Do I have a personal relationship with Him?” If you do then ask one more question, “Am I investing my life in a relationship with Him?” If not, today is a great day to confess that your goal is to love “your” God.