“Then He poured water into the basin, and began to wash the
disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel
with which He was girded.”
John 13:5, NAS

A few years ago a group from our church went to Kenya to assist in an effort to take the message of hope through Jesus Christ to several villages unreached by the Gospel. In one of the villages, a young man from our team found only a few of the elders remaining as all the others had gone out to the fields to work. Through his interpreter, he explained what Christ had done for them and invited them to trust Him as Savior. They responded with one word: “More.” After several attempts to tell them more, it was clear that they still did not understand.

Confused and frustrated, my friend wondered what to do. Then, he remembered the night before the team had discussed the account of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples. Without another word, he got a bottle of water and washed the feet of these village elders. In this act of humble servanthood, the message came to life. By God’s grace, each one of the elders now understood all they needed to know to trust Jesus and they all invited Him to be their Savior.

The eloquence of our words will often fail us. When we demonstrate the power of our message by the evidence of a changed heart, people hear us. The authenticity of our lives gives credibility to our witness. When the selfish become servants, we know without a doubt that Jesus has been at work!

Reflect on what Jesus did that night in the upper room, washing the feet of His disciples, and ask yourself these questions:

1. Is there any task too lowly for me to do willingly?
2. Do I consider myself too important or proud to serve humbly?
3. Is there anything more satisfying than serving selflessly?
4. Is there a method more effective than serving others that shares Christ fruitfully?

QUESTION: Whom could you serve in a special way today that would lend credibility to the message you want to communicate to them about Christ? Are you willing to take the low place of a servant?