“I love the Lord, for He heard my voice; He heard my cry for mercy.”
Psalm 116:1, NIV

Thirty years ago I sat in Cynthia’s home watching television with her and her mother. I arrived early, we had dinner and then we sat down to enjoy our Friday evening shows. However, my goal was not to watch television with her mother! It was to confess my love for Cynthia and ask her mother’s permission to marry her. From 7:00 PM until the network signed off with the National Anthem I remained in my frozen state, dodging Cynthia’s looks, while looking for the courage to confess my love. Finally, as my future mother-in-law started to get up I said, “Wait before you go to bed I want you to know that I love your daughter and I want to marry her with your permission!”

There was a long pause followed by her mother standing up, walking to her bedroom and slamming the door, without saying a word! That is not what I planned!

Evangelism Explosion reminds us that ninety-five percent of all Christians have never led another person to Christ. Why do we remain mute in confessing Christ’s love? We are afraid of how people will receive us if we talk about our love for Jesus. Trust me; it cannot go worse than my attempt at confessing my love for Cynthia! However, even my story has a great ending…

The next day Cynthia’s mom invited me for dinner and prepared the finest meal I have ever eaten. She showered me with love and could not have been kinder. Finally, when I could not stand it any longer, I asked her what happened? She replied, “I just went into my bedroom, got on my knees and prayed, “God, if Larry is not the one for my daughter then just kill him before the wedding.” And you thought you had a tough mother in law!

QUESTION: Why not commit today to share your love for Christ with at least one person? Write their name on this page and pray for them! May God give you His courage to confess His love?