When friends Angela Lugo (14 years) and Melina Nunez (17 years) walked through the door of Sheridan House this summer, everyone was so happy to see them.  Escorted by Renee Weinstein, Angela’s grandma and a stellar volunteer of Sheridan House, both girls have served faithfully for our Back-to-School Event for the last five years.

Melina (left) and Angela (right) smile as they Fill-the-Pack for underprivileged kids.

Throughout the summer, they came to sort, organize, inventory, and compile supplies in preparation for the big event…and they did it with  smiles.  “I love the fact that we get to help other kids get ready for school.  Plus, it’s always great to go to Sheridan House,” said Angela.

We have had the privilege of witnessing these sweet girls grow into lovely young ladies.  We are so thankful and encouraged by their servant hearts.