With excitement and joy, the Sheridan House residential program girls decorated the teacher’s lounge at Walter C. Young Middle School to show their tremendous appreciation for a great school year.  The theme for the event was a Mexican Fiesta and the food was generously provided by Lime Fresh Mexican Grill of Pembroke Gardens.

Our girls huddle together proudly to welcome the Walter C. Young teachers and faculty with a smile.

Every school employee was invited to this special luncheon and was served by the girls in an effort to thank them for all of the work that they do day-in and day-out.  “All of our girls couldn’t stop smiling.  They loved the fact that the teachers, cafeteria workers, administrators and office staff were having such a good time.” said House Mom, Brenda Schneider.  “Even though they see the Walter C. Young staff every Monday through Friday, they actually saw how many people have dedicated their lives to help them.  They were truly moved.”

The teachers and faculty enjoyed and appreciated the luncheon as well.  Juliana Guevara, the behavioral specialist for the girls’ program that coordinated the event, received a message the following day.  “That lunch was so good! I just wanted you all to know that we appreciate you all right back.  Later that day, I prayed for all of the girls to one day all know the Lord and His purpose for them.  I also prayed for you and the house parents…for your continued wisdom, strength, excitement and creativity for all you do.  You all are making a difference in the lives of the kids and their families.”

Thank you to all of the middle-school teachers we work with and to teachers all across America.  We are grateful for you and for your passion to educate the next generation of leaders.