“Do not be stiff-necked, as your fathers were, submit to the LORD…”
2 Chronicles 30:8, NIV

As my wife, Pam, and I were raising our four children, we noticed a definite difference between stubbornness and determination. We decided to resist stubbornness in our children, but reward determination. Often I overheard Pam say to our children, “Stubborn is bad, but determined is good.”

God resists our stubborn insistence that we can make life work on our own. He knows stubbornness will destroy us over time so He is determined to resist our stubbornness and He certainly does not reward it. The good news is God always rewards our determination to seek His ways. He knows His ways will reward us over time so His blessing will always meet our determination to seek Him. That is why Jesus told us to always ask, seek, and knock. We must always be determined toward God and toward our life issues, but never stubborn.

When you feel the impulse to dig in and take a stand, ask yourself if this is stubbornness caused by independence from God or determination fueled by God. There is a difference and we must be determined to find that which God will reward.

As you observe people today, try and see if you can perceive the difference between stubborn and determined.

QUESTION: Are you determined to yield yourself to God and His plans for you, or are you being stiff-necked and stubborn? If you deal with stubborn people, how can you encourage them toward determination?