“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood…”
Ephesians 6:12, NIV

The true center and source of spiritual attacks is never in the people we see. The center and source of what opposes and offends our spiritual life is centered in and coming from the minds of beings whose hatred for God and His Son has caused them to notice God’s life in us. These anti-God beings notice us because God has taken up residence in the center of our hearts by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. They hate us because we do not hate the God they hate. They hate the One who is in us.

The enemies of God know the center of any life can only be governed by one mind at a time. If two minds try to occupy the very heart of any being, a wrestling for control begins. At the center of our being we wrestle against minds which want to deliver us to the powerful mind of the devil who wants God’s place in our hearts.

It is not people who want the center of our lives. People may want something we have or something we do but they stop short of wanting the center of our being. The devil does not stop short. He wants the center. Satan wants God’s place and all who serve him work toward that end because he already has the center of their hearts.

Jesus never gave the devil any space in His heart so he could defeat Satan’s plans and desires for our hearts. “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil.” (1 John 3:8, KJV)

The only way to stand against the kind of evil beings, which we wrestle, is to submit ourselves continually to the mind of God and resist any being, which hates God. The mind of Christ is what we need for this battle and it is the mind we have been given by grace. Be sure His mind has the very center of your heart every day by submitting yourself to God. Only then can you resist the evil forces that want the center only God should occupy.

QUESTION: Who is in the center of your mind? Who occupies the place reserved for God?