“As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby…” 1Peter 2:2, NKJV

Immediately after the birth of our daughter, Caitlyn, this area of Scripture took on a fresh fondness for me. As Diane and I lay awake during Caitlyn’s sleepless nights, we were reminded of how much love, sacrifice and grace is needed in tending to new babies. It comes with the territory. It is the common knowledge that constitutes the war stories of that first month in any household where an infant has made his or her debut.

      In the same manner, newborn spiritual babies take an overabundance of love, sacrifice, and grace. It comes with the territory. How many nights have I been on my way home only to be stopped by a wide-eyed new believer who has been pondering an area of Scripture? While my head is already on the pillow, their head is swimming in the majesty of heaven, brimming with questions that can not wait. Never once have I ever regretted the choice of the baby over the bed. Even as I found an incomparable satisfaction feeding my new little girl, I have been overwhelmed with the joy that comes in feeding one of the flock the pure milk of the Word, even when it is in the wee hours of the morning.

      There is probably no greater test of one’s love and maturity than tending to the needs of infants, whether they are physical or spiritual. But when the love of God and the attitude of Christ continuously fills your heart and mind, you will be ready for the crazy and wild world of newborn babes.

QUESTION: Who has God put in your path lately that could use a little TLC? What are some ways God has equipped you to care for a new believer in Christ?