“O God, you are my God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, my body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is no water.”
Psalm 63:1, NIV

There was a missionary taking a group of natives to a village a great distance away. It would be at least a two-day journey. After a strenuous first day, the group was readying for departure the next morning, but to the leaders’ amazement the natives refused to budge. Asked why, a spokesman for the natives said, “After such a hard day yesterday, our bodies are waiting for our souls to catch-up.”

Often that may be an apt content:encoded of our lives. Going full throttle, our lifestyles allow little time for spiritual nourishment and recharging. Our bodies never stop long enough for our souls to catch up. This constant motion can be spiritually debilitating. Before you know it you may find yourself in a spiritual drought not unlike the one the psalmist describes in our text. He finds himself in a spiritual wasteland. David would have been very familiar with the kind of terrain described in this Psalm, which becomes analogous to his own spiritual condition. Much like a traveler slowly negotiating the parched, sun baked wilderness, he is thirsty, weary and desperately seeking help. Fortunately, David knows where to go for that help. In another place the Psalmist says, “my help comes from the Lord.” (Psalm 121:2) He seeks God earnestly, plaintively asking the Father who loves him to slake his spiritual thirst.

No one is immune from “soul drought.” It affects all of us sooner or later. We need to discover the cause and the remedy – the spring of living water that Jesus spoke of when drawing water from Jacob’s well. Are you suffering from this all too common condition? Perhaps you are physically spent. Your rebellion or disobedience – your unconfessed sin could be the prime reason. Are you seeking God where He may be found – in His Word? Sometimes God uses the drought to reveal Himself in a new way to his people. If Job had never suffered, he would never have learned the great lessons he did about the Sovereign Father.

QUESTION: What is the cause of your soul drought? What specific areas of your lifestyle need transformation?