“Mom, I really would love to have an iPod for Christmas this year; it’s the only present I really want.”   Ana, a single mom, sadly responded, “Son, I would love to be able to purchase an iPod for you; but this year, it is just not possible.” 

As Ana and her son entered the Sheridan House Christmas Toy Shoppe to serve as volunteers, they were amazed by the plethora of toys on display.  They were both excited to serve all day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the moms smile as they selected toys for their children.  Among the many toys we received from very generous donors, were a couple of iPods we set aside for moms with older children.  So, when I pulled Ana aside and asked her if she would like one to give her son for Christmas – not knowing anything about the interchange between her and her son — Ana was absolutely overwhelmed!  Tears of joy welled up in her eyes as she said, “I can’t believe you are asking me this question.  This is the only present my son asked for this Christmas!”

It was such a joy to bless hundreds of single moms in need with toys for their children.  After the moms shopped for their children, they were escorted to an efficient team of gift wrappers who lovingly wrapped each toy and placed a child’s name on it.  The moms also enjoyed breakfast biscuits donated by Chick-fil-A and refreshment tables loaded with holiday goodies baked by The Douglas and Whiteman families.  To top off the day, volunteer elves carried their Christmas gifts and bags of groceries to their cars including Cornish hens provided by Lift Up America.

As the event ended, a very grateful and happy boy who received a bike exclaimed excitedly, “This is the best day of my life!”

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!  We are honored to partner with you, our donors and volunteers, as we provided not only toys and food to our single parent families, but more importantly, the hope of Christ this past Christmas.