“You are the salt of the earth.”
Matthew 5:13, NLT

Interestingly enough, in the days of King James, when the royalty threw a party or had a dinner, all the guests had a keen awareness of salt and servanthood.

While standing in King James’ royal banquet hall as a tourist, our guide made a humorous yet powerful statement. He said, “Even though Sean Connery was 007 in the movies, in this room he would be 000 as would everyone else in the presence of the king.”

Our tour guide went on to tell his camera-holding followers that no one but the king and his immediate family would have salt. The king would be considered “above salt” and everyone else “below salt.”

Yet, King Jimmy’s scribes must have shouted for joy (unless of course, they were monks sworn to silence) at the translating of Matthew 5:13.

We are salt – not only for preservation and flavor – but for the personal pleasure of the King. We are His alone.

QUESTION: In what ways can you be salt and a servant today? How can your attitudes, words and behaviors reflect the fact that you belong to the Lord of Lords? How can you please the ultimate King today?