“‘Who touched me?’ Jesus asked. ‘Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.'”
Luke 8:45-46, NIV

One time Jesus was in a crowd and a woman touched the fringe of His robe and Jesus quickly said, “Who touched me?” One of the things that we discover about love is that it takes energy. When you love, you get physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually depleted.

      Love drains our energy and is just plain hard work sometimes. When you come home from work, will you read to your kids or read the newspaper? Will you play with the kids or watch the game? Will you help out and wash the dishes without thinking you deserve some kind of Congressional Medal of Honor?

      Love drains energy. But when you study the life of Christ, you discover that He had regular times of rest and refreshment. He would get into a boat and go to the other side of the lake to escape the crowds. He would sleep on the floor of a boat. He would go to a solitary place by Himself.

      Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is, like Jesus, rest! Replenish. Some of us, if we just went to bed a half an hour earlier, ate healthier, stayed in shape or put some breaks in our schedule would be able to love more deeply as Jesus loved. That is one reason the Bible teaches us to take regular days off.

      Each week, work for six days only. The seventh day is a day of total rest, a holy day that belongs to the Lord…” (Exodus 35:2, NLT)

      The Bible also teaches that we need to make sure that we are spiritually connected to a church family where, on a weekly basis, we get our spiritual tanks filled. Why? Because during the week, we leak! We need to be refilled because it takes every ounce of energy to love deeply.

QUESTION: Are you too exhausted to love the way you know you should? If so, what can you do today to incorporate replenishing patterns in your life?