“Meanwhile, Saul was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples. He went to the high priest…”
Acts 9:1, NIV

I have taken my two-year old on overnighters three times all by myself! Pretty brave Dad, huh? Mom and baby stay at home and the boys hit the road, usually to see Mickey Mouse. The biggest challenge of our overnight Walt Disney adventures – boarding the shuttle buses. I have become pretty efficient at this. Now, with relative ease and remarkable speed, I pick up the boy, close the stroller, slip on the bag’s shoulder strap and board the bus.

The latest trip, at the end of the day, as we prepared to return to the hotel, we saw the bus coming. It was going to take an all-time record move to pull this off! I think I heard applause from my, no doubt, impressed fellow passengers as I made it. Yes, I was rather self-satisfied, I was smooth, and yes, I was on the wrong bus! Right moves – wrong destination!

Management consultants have sought to describe the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Peter Drucker says, efficiency is doing things right, while effectiveness is doing the right things. Let me take a shot at distinguishing between these two synonyms – Efficiency – the right moves Effectiveness – the right destination

Paul (or better Saul) in Acts 9 is efficiently persecuting the church. He no doubt, actually thought he was doing God’s will. He had “great moves” as a persecutor. So good, he was taking his act on the road, when the risen Christ met him and clearly pointed out his life direction was all wrong!

Are you striving to be efficient? We want to do things right, but more importantly, we want to do the right things. So stop, pause, ponder, and pray. Ask God for the power and perception to pursue His goals for your life. You would not want to arrive at your final destination only to discover you boarded the wrong bus.

QUESTION: How can I clearly and concisely state God’s plan for my life? How can I be more effective in fulfilling God’s plan?