7th Annual Sheridan House Single Moms’ BreakAway

Where does a single mom go to get a break from the constant demands of children and jobs?  Where does a single mom go to find encouragement and instruction for the long journey of single parenting?  Where does a single mom go to find someone to listen to her and pray with her?  Where does a single mom go to get practical help with the basics such as clothing, shoes and a variety of personal items — for free?  Where does a single mom go to find resources for effective parenting?  Where does a single mom go to be served and showered with love for a day?  Where does a single mom go to find the Hope of Heaven?

The answer?  The Sheridan House Single Moms’ BreakAway and Boutique!

On Saturday, May 2nd, over 400 single moms filled the hallways and meeting rooms at The Signature Grand in Davie for our 7th Annual Single Moms’ BreakAway event.  Excitement and expectation was in the air as they bustled about – laughing, crying, sharing burdens, sharing joys, and enjoying fellowship with each other!

The day began with amazing worship music led by Mary Bernard of Fort Lauderdale.  Every mom enjoyed the extended time of worship, singing, and praising as her heart was prepared to hear God’s message through each speaker.

The ladies were encouraged and challenged to focus and fixate their gaze on Jesus rather than on problems and to seek practical help when needed.  Through the various messages from gifted speakers such as Laura Petherbridge, Laura Bevill, and Dr. Bob Barnes, the moms were gently reminded of God’s deep, vast, immeasurable and perfect love for them.  They were motivated to see themselves not as they are, but as God sees them.  One mom shared, “God spoke through all of the speakers (today) more than any other day in my life.  I felt loved today.”

Additionally, the Sheridan House family and volunteers joyfully witnessed several ladies surrender their hearts to Jesus and accept Him as their personal Lord and Savior.  They were filled with hope in the person of Jesus Christ as they learned they could move from fear to faith!  As one mom said, “This event met me where I was, and helped me deal with my fears.”  Every single mom was taught the importance of not only living a life for Christ personally, but also the importance of giving their children a foundation of faith in Jesus. A mom ready for the challenge stated, “I found this day to be very informative and inspirational.”

Although the spiritual and emotional needs of the moms were met through the blessing of the wonderful speakers and worship sets, the fun didn’t stop there.  Every mom in attendance was also blessed physically by the opportunity to shop…FOR FREE…in our fabulous BreakAway Boutique.  Encouraged at how the Lord provides for our needs and sometimes our wants, a mom in attendance wrote, “Thank you for a wonderful event.  I enjoyed the peaceful breakaway from the many stresses I had been pushing my way through.  Also, thank you for the many garments.   I wore something new almost every day last week.  They were tangible reminders of the day and they left me feeling pretty too.”  And the blessing continued as each mom was escorted by a Sheridan House gentleman who carried her brimming shopping bags to her car for her.

Joyful service was the theme for our staff and volunteers that stood by to serve and assist the moms while they enjoyed the festivities of the day and delicious lunch.   The final touch the moms received at the end of the day was a gift bag containing personal pampering items designed especially for them.  The goal for the day was to honor Christ through our service to single moms by encouraging them and meeting their needs.

On behalf of the 400 + moms served, we thank you, our generous donors, who have sacrificed for our outreach to single moms.  The clothing, shoes, accessories, and funds given not only made them feel special, but treasured and assured that they can rejoice in the hope of Christ’s love and provision.  As one mom expressed, “This ministry is one of God’s true blessings.”  Thank you for making this event possible through your support.