“And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.”
1 John 3:22, NKJV

Several years ago, a pastor friend of mine was sharing about a spiritual growth weekend for teenagers. He was quite enthusiastic about how this experience had blessed his family and wanted to share this with his new congregation in south Florida and with teens from other churches. He invited me to participate and encourage youth from our congregation to go as well.

A group from another state was coming to put on this weekend in the middle of the summer. Unfortunately, I had made a commitment to another group at that same time period, so I asked my daughter, Megan, and several others from our church to go and come back and share about their experience. Megan was a bit cautious about my suggestion but acquiesced to my wishes. She shared with the people running the weekend that she, “only came to please her dad.”

Now, Megan, of all three of my children, is certainly the most vocal. You always know where Megan stands on things. The whole family knows. At times, we love her for that, and at times…(we will leave it at that). I certainly know Megan will not be a doormat for anyone. She is spunky like her mom. But Megan did agree to go to this spiritual growth retreat for teens at my request.

Well, to her surprise and also mine, Megan had the weekend of her life. She saw Jesus in a new and vibrant way. She found new friends. She discovered a joy in Christ and Christian fellowship that nobody can take away. She began a track that has led to leadership among her peers that would not have happened otherwise. This weekend set in motion decisions that have influenced her choice of college and beyond.

All this came about because she decided to please her father.

QUESTION: What decisions are you considering today? How do your decisions please your Heavenly Father? I believe when we please Him, we find blessings beyond our imagination..