“I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.”
1 Timothy 1:15, NIV

Let us take a moment and think about families. I joined the “parent-club” just about three years ago, and I noticed a funny thing shortly after the birth of our first child. The hospital sent us home: dad, mom, and baby. No hospital-provided support team, no trained twenty-four-hour baby consultants – we were all alone. I reflected that to be certified as a SCUBA diver I had to take a course; to get my driver’s license I had to pass a test, but without study, testing or certification we were parents! It is surely a good thing that God has provided the Ultimate Instruction Manual for both parents and children – the Bible.

One powerful principle in scripture speaks to the pivotal role parents and even grandparents play in laying the foundation of faith for the next generation. Timothy was a holy hero. He was a pastor, preacher, and major missionary. But whom did God use in the process of character construction of this young man? If you know Timothy’s biblical bio, he is closely associated with people like the Apostle Paul, Silas, Aquilla and Priscilla. It takes just a little speculation to believe he has encountered other spiritual heavyweights like Peter, James and John. No doubt these great Christian leaders mentored and modeled faith for young Timothy, but 2 Timothy 1:5 makes it very clear that the first and foremost players in the formation of Timothy’s faith were his mother and grandmother.

Parents, the Bible demonstrates that your role is huge in spiritually shaping and strengthening your children. The heroic man that Timothy became had humble beginnings, as a parent and grandparent purposefully and prayerfully poured their “sincere faith” into the life of a little boy.

QUESTION: How can I maximize my ministry in my own home? How can God use me to be a parent with purpose?