“… Has the Lord as much delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying
the voice of the Lord? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to
heed than the fat of rams.”

1 Samuel 15:22 NASB

Dad, I know you wanted me to do my homework but you ought to know I cleaned my entire room without being told to do so. I will get to my homework soon. Are you glad that I cleaned up?” The problem in this story is the child did not do what was required. The bottom line is no matter how good the child was, it was still not what was needed. It is still simply disobedience.

King Saul was given specific instructions by the Lord how to accomplish the Lord’s plan. The Lord sent Samuel to show Saul how disobedient he had been. In 1 Samuel 15:24, Saul acknowledges his disobedience.

My wife and I are teaching our children to have “first time obedience” with a happy spirit: Respond positively and quickly to the instruction that Mommy and Daddy are giving you. Our Heavenly Father is seeking the same thing in His relationship with us. We know what is best for our children, and He certainly knows what is best for us.

Replacing the best (obedience to the Lord) with the good (something positive but lower than the instruction) is one of the enemy’s favorite tactics. If you are a child of God, Satan knows that your life has been bought with a price and that you are eternally safe in the arms of the Father. But if he can cause any level of disobedience in your life, he will use the opportunity. Do not give him the privilege.

Here is the good news, Jesus paid it all and Satan has no authority in your life if you have received the transformation that Jesus brings. Will you follow the plan that the Lord has laid out for you? Lord, give me a heart that wants to follow you only and always… AMEN.

QUESTION: Have you been disobedient in the past? What are three holy habits that you can develop in order to avoid the trap of “good” vs. “best” in following God?