“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.”

Ephesians 5: 25, NIV

      This year the bride of my youth and I will celebrate thirty years of marriage. Considering the milestone of the “Golden Anniversary” we are well on our way. People will ask from time to time, “What is the secret to a great marriage?” I will normally respond, “The Bible instructs us not to go to bed angry, and we honor that command…”

      Men, we have just one simple requirement to make our marriages last “until death do us part.” We are to “Love our wife as Christ loved the church!” What exactly does that mean to all of us who are husbands or intend to be husbands?

      It means that, as a husband, we are not commanded to love our wife because of what she is or is not. A husband is commanded to love his wife because it is God’s will for him to love her. If every appealing characteristic and every virtue disappears, we are still under the same command and have even a greater obligation to unconditionally love our wives!

      Remember men, there was nothing beautiful about our sinful lives and yet Christ loved us and gave his life for us that we might have eternal fellowship with Him. That is the kind of love Christ has for His church and is therefore the pattern of love every Christian husband is to have for his wife. Christ loved me so much…He met the greatest need in my life, the need for a personal Savior who could pay the penalty for my sin. That is real love and that is what all women need in marriage!

QUESTION: Will you take a moment today and list the needs of the person you love? Once you have listed those needs then ask God to give you the strength of His love to meet at least one of those needs today!