“But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies,
do good to those who hate you.”

Luke 6:27, NIV

      Today our nation will hear and read the words, “I love you,” more than any other day of the year. It is expected that we say those words, and send a card, flowers or candy to those who occupy that special place in our heart. So…you can do what is expected…or you can make this the most memorable Valentine’s Day of your life. You can follow Jesus and do the unexpected.

      Notice the two very obvious principles in today’s verse: 1) “…you who hear me!” Jesus made it clear that we have a choice to listen and receive His instructions or we can continue to live as if we never heard these words, “Love your enemies.” 2) The second principle is “do good to those who hate you.” This is the test that determines if we have “heard” the instructions of Christ. The love He commands that we give to our enemies, those who hate us, is “Do good.”

      Take notice of this truth: doing good goes beyond our words; it actively does things for our enemy. This love searches for ways to do good to him, realizing that he needs to be reached with the love of the Lord. If no immediate way is found, then the Christian continues to bless him, waiting for the day when our enemy will face one of the crises that comes to every human being. Then the believer goes to the one who hates and ministers in love, as Christ Himself ministered in love to us.

      Most of the love you see throughout this day is going to be at best described as “worldly love” or “love at first sight!” What a difference this day would be if every one of us reading the devotional today would commit to “love at first slight!” Loving those who are unlovely or who do not love us.

QUESTION: Can you identify at least one enemy that you know you have? Write their name down and then pray as you read again Luke 6:27 and ask Jesus what you do to show love for your enemy. Make a commitment to not let this Valentine’s Day pass without sharing with that someone…you know “love at first slight.”