When I first came to Sheridan House, I was newly single with 3 children.  I was scared and was stepping into the unknown of raising 3 kids on my own.  I moved to Florida after I divorced to be closer to my parents because I knew that my mother would be my greatest help in raising my kids.  Unfortunately, my mom passed in December 2010.  It was then that my church introduced me to Sheridan House and I have never been so blessed.

At the Sheridan House Clothing Boutique, smiling volunteers are ready to assist each mom during her free, private, shopping appointment.

My job is great.  I make enough to pay my bills, put food on the table, and keep my children clothed.  There have been many times when I’ve gone without so I could provide for my children because I was watching my pennies.  I am not ashamed or embarrassed to say that I shop for a lot of my clothes at thrift stores because it enables me to do more for my children.  So whenever I go to the Sheridan House Clothing Boutique, I am doubly blessed.

Sheridan House has helped me in so many ways, and because of that I have taught my children about giving back and helping others regardless of how little we have.  I watch my children and thank God everyday for the blessings that He has seen fit to bestow on my family.  I thank God for Miriam and her team.  They truly help all us single parents to not feel like rejects.

God Bless,