“So Abram left, as the LORD had told him….”
Genesis 12:4, NIV

Just like that. All those years of living in the pagan land of Ur and now God wanted him to leave. Abram knew God wanted him to walk away from Ur. Ur was a place of comfort for Abram, but it was also a place of paganism. It took a tremendous amount of faith to leave and go to a place Abram knew not. He had to trust God to walk away and go wherever God was leading rather than wait until he knew where God was sending him. To start a journey without knowing the destination takes faith in God.

God expects the exact same response from us. He calls us to walk away from particular “places” of paganism in our lives: things we do or do not do that are displeasing to God. Habits that are sinful, that we know are wrong, but we have done for a long time and have gotten comfortable with them. We even justify them by saying, “everybody does that.”

God calls us to leave the world’s way of doing and thinking. The process of leaving starts with listening; listening for that still small voice talking to me about the changes I need to make. Chances are it is a voice I have heard many times before, but I have chosen to ignore the voice and cling to the behavior.

This is a great time to choose to start a new journey and walk away from an old habit. But the journey is not about doing something for God. It has to be done with God. Abram did not walk away alone. He walked away from Ur and looked to God for direction.

Today, choose to walk away from your personal Ur. Take a moment to search your life. Then decide today will be different. Today you will walk in a way that will be pleasing to God in all that you do and think. Begin your journey now.

QUESTION: What is one area of your thinking, doing or watching that you need to purify?