“Immediately He made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to
the other side…. Then He saw them straining at rowing, for the wind was
against them.”

Mark 6:45,48, NKJV

This was the end of a great day. The disciples had just finished feeding more than five thousand people. How they did it, they could not begin to explain. They just did what Jesus told them to do and relied totally on Him. They were not focused on getting the whole crowd fed. Just a few would have been fine. But when they were done they found they had food to spare. Walking through that crowd one person at a time had to be a tremendous journey for them. Also, a tremendous lesson.

Immediately Jesus told them to get in their own boat and go to the other side. Finally, a task they did everyday. In fact, they were so good at it, they did not need His help. They got into their boat, relied on their own skills and got into trouble.

It was not getting to the other side Jesus was interested in. It was the journey. He used the destination as the lure and the journey to teach his followers to keep their eyes on Him…no matter how competent they thought they were.

I arrived at Sheridan House Family Ministries in 1974. It was obvious to me that God brought me to direct this ministry. And when God calls you to do something He will pave the way. But many times God sends you in a direction to teach you. He is not concerned about the destination. Destinations are easy for Him. God is concerned about the opportunities on the journey.

Within two weeks of my arrival more than half the staff quit. Why all the difficulty? As I look back now I realize God had a lot to teach me. The journey was not easy because there was so much to learn. The Key: Not to get so focused on the destination that you miss the lessons on the journey.

QUESTION: What is one lesson God is teaching you on your current journey?