“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you. And the people shall go out and gather a certain quota every day, that I may test them, whether they will walk in My law or not.'”
Exodus 16:4, NKJV

Does it bother you when you buy a product these days, the first question you are asked by the sales person is whether you want a buyer protection plan? The last thing I need to hear when I purchase something is that it is probably going to break before the warranty runs out! That does not build much trust in the product!

When we try to “trust-proof” our lives by staying out of any situation that might force us to trust God, we unwittingly are declaring our independence from God and our reluctance to trust Him. We say we trust God but continue to fight hard to protect our financial futures, our health care or our children’s educational needs. Granted, there is a balance between the extremes of being either irresponsible or obsessive. However, we often just want to make sure we are never in a position where we have no other recourse but to trust God!

The situation facing the Israelites would have done many of us in. The very idea that we had to go to bed at night with no food in sight would make us crazy. Could you sleep peacefully if you were armed only with the promise of God? We work hard to keep from ever getting into a position that requires us to rely entirely on Him. God wants a people who are willing to walk by faith and trust Him this day and every day for the gift of daily bread.

QUESTION: Have you recently faced a situation that forced you to trust God? What did it show you about the level of your faith and your capacity to rely on Him all the time?