“Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom
one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.”

John 13:23, NKJV

John is the author and subject of this passage. He knows that he is loved by Jesus. More than once we find John referring to himself with that special designation. (John 19:26) He really believed that he had a special, almost, favorite-child relationship with Jesus.

My wife believed that she was her grandmother’s favorite. She had no doubt of this special love. Then after grandmother died, she listened to the other adult grandchildren talk about their grandmother. They realized they were each very special to their grandmother. Somehow each was grand-mother’s favorite grandchild.

When one of my children wants to talk with me, the other one has to stop and wait his turn. Not so with God. He always has a ready and willing ear. He always desires to communicate with me. I never have to wait for His attention.

That is the amazing thing about being a child of the King. Jesus has a very special relationship with each of us individually. He even knows how many hairs I personally have on my head. (Luke 12:7)

It is not only individual, but also intimate. Think about it. Remember the time you knew He had the pastor preach the sermon just for you. It was exactly what you needed at that time and no one else could have known but the One who knows your inner secrets. That is intimate.

Jesus also knows and loves each one of us with great intensity. If I were the only one on earth He still would have died in my place. That depth of love is incredibly intense. (John 15:13)

To know that I am loved so greatly, by such a great and powerful God, is more than I can grasp. I need to boil it down to John’s approach. Each of us must remind ourselves daily of the fact that we are each His favorite. His love is that great. I am His favorite child…and somehow you are too.

QUESTION: Can you think of a time when God did something that was obviously just for you?