“For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139:13, NIV

Have you ever felt worthless? Have you been told that you are no good? If you receive enough messages like that, you may begin to believe them. No matter who tells you that you are worthless, no matter how many times you are told that you are no good, do not buy into it! Do not accept that message or make it a part of your life.

You are a special creation of God. Psalm 139:13 declares that from the moment of your conception, God was personally active in your formation. Of the millions of persons who ever lived, there has never been another just like you. God made each of us into unique persons, with characteristics that may be similar but never exactly duplicated in another person. You are exactly the person God intended you to be.

“So why don’t I feel special and unique?” you may ask. Even though we are unique creations of God, there are many influences at work in our lives pumping negative messages into our subconscious. Madison Avenue advertising executives constantly flash air-brushed pictures of seemingly perfect men and women in front of our faces, causing us to evaluate ourselves against a false and unattainable standard of beauty. Personally disenchanted co-workers, neighbors, and even friends and family members bombard us with negative criticism in order to soothe their own feelings of inadequacy; criticisms that we often begin to take on board. The daily negative influences in our lives can eat away at our self-esteem and sense of purpose in life.

However, God made us unique because God has a unique purpose for each of us. God needs each of us to just be ourselves so that we can positively impact the lives of other men and women whom He has created with similar interests, personalities, and life experiences.

QUESTION: Today, instead of focusing on your shortcomings, who around you may God need you to encourage and uplift by just being yourself?