“Jesus went up on a mountainside and called to him
those he wanted… that they might be with him.”
Mark 3:13, NIV

Some years ago my wife, Lisa, and I attended a conference in San Francisco. It was our first visit and we were excited to see some of the sites of the area, the Golden Gate Bridge, the romantic spots, and the Redwood forest.

Early one morning, there we were, the grass still dripping with dew, dwarfed among the mighty Redwoods towering hundreds of feet over head. The Redwoods are the tallest of trees, growing to a height of four-hundred feet. One might think that to grow to such a height they must require deep root systems. In fact, they have very shallow root systems designed to capture as much of the surface moisture as possible. And since the roots from each tree spread out in every direction they tend to become intertwined with the surrounding trees.

They are locked together in such a way that when the winds blow or a storm strikes the trees support and sustain one another. This is why you almost never see a Redwood standing alone. At that height they need each other to survive.

People are like Redwoods, designed by God to grow and rise to amazing heights. But in order to withstand the winds and storms, we need the strength only togetherness can bring.

It is no accident that among the first call Jesus ever gave to his disciples was the simple call to “be with him.” We all need a “with him” group, people who gather to be “with him” and stand stronger because of it.

QUESTION: Are there people in your life who are your support system and help you to grow and weather the storms of your life? Thank God for those people in your life. Let your roots lock together so you can all grow tall.