“Or let him rely on My protection, Let him make peace with Me, Let him make peace with Me.”
Isaiah 27:5, NAS

The Hebrew word translated “protection” means a stronghold or fortified place which serves as a refuge. The idea is that of safety. You are out of the grip of evil because of the grip of the Lord’s protection/strength. In some ways you and I are like fugitives on the run. The bloodhounds seem to be closing in but the Lord is a safe place… a fortified place. This is a picture of our salvation…a salvation based on the sovereign plan of the God of the universe. It is His power, plan, and sacrifice on the cross that saves me. He gives peace because He is peace.

I have four children and we love to play games. One of the best games we play is hide and seek. The traditional form of hide and seek is to hide and stay hidden until someone finds you and if they find you first then you are it. Well, my children play a modified version of the game. They play it with a home base. After a little while, if they have not been found, they venture out from the confines of their hiding place and tempt the one who is “it” to tag them. They do not quite get the philosophy of the game but then again they are being creative.

In this scenario there is only one safe place… home base. Jesus Christ is our home base. He is the safe place. Know that you will be protected in that place. I have tried to teach my children the right way to play hide and seek but it is really fun to play their way. How about you, are you on the right track? Are you relying on the protection of the Lord?

QUESTION: How have you relied upon God’s strength in the past week? Which areas of your life cause you to stay hidden instead of running to the strength of the Lord? Why?