“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.”
Hebrews 10:35, NIV

Are you experiencing a time of being overwhelmed? It seems God allows situations and opportunities in our lives to trust Him. God allows things that can cause us to doubt. The purpose of these things is not to lead us to doubt, but to faith. It was to a group of Christians, experiencing such hard times, that Paul writes this text in Hebrews.

He warns them to never throw away their faith. The word for “throw” expresses the idea of releasing or casting off. Paul is saying in the midst of a trial Satan will go head-on for your faith. He can not take it from you but you can give it up. The warning is, hang on to your confidence in God with all you have or you will miss the blessing. Paul tells the Ephesians in chapter six that after doing all to stand firm, then stand. Do not sit down. Do not give in. Do not let up. Why? We never throw away our faith because in the end God is pleased and rewards our faith.

Your faith is real and powerful. It is the tool through which God worked miracles in both the Old and New Testament. Know that brothers and sisters in Christ, just like you, are struggling in similar ways but are holding on to their faith. Others are choosing to throw their faith away. Job’s wife asked him, “Why are you holding on?” Job responded by asking, “Do we accept only good from the Lord?” Tests are real. However, God always wants them to become a blessing to us.

These momentary light afflictions are always producing for you and me an eternal weight of glory! Never let go of your faith.

QUESTION: What is God allowing you to experience that threatens your faith? How might it be a blessing?