At the end of last year, there was an article in USA Today stating that requests for counseling were at an all time high.  The irony of the requests is the fact that people are looking for help because of financial stress and the impact it is having on their families.  But it is that financial stress that has made it difficult for them to get the counseling they need.

People are looking for more than counseling.  They are looking for answers. The Sheridan House Counseling Center has never been more positioned to help families than now.  Staffed with eleven counselors, therapists and psychologists, Sheridan House is ready to help at a fee affordable for anyone who seeks help.  God has positioned this ministry for such a time as this.

In 2008, the Sheridan House Counseling Center worked with 3,354 people (the highest number of people in our history.)  We also offered licensure supervision for Christians with masters’ degrees who are working to obtain their license and begin a practice.  There is a tremendous need for more licensed Christian counseling professionals.

The Sheridan House Counseling Center worked with a variety of needs including marital discord/infidelity, parent/child conflict, pre-marital counseling, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, financial hardship, loss of a loved one, and other life challenges that draw us away from the life God has for us to live.

Sheridan House is ready to help people and direct them toward the answers they need in their time of emotional distress, at a cost that doesn’t add to their distress.  Over 300 single parents received counseling this past year for a cost of $10.00 per session or less.