“Create in me a pure heart, O God and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”
Psalm 51:10, NIV

A number of years ago we had a water filter installed under the kitchen sink. Initially, I was very conscious that the water from that tap would be particularly pure so I always drank from that source. As time wore on I became less and less conscious of the presence of that filter. I just instinctively went to the kitchen when I wanted a drink. I knew that I would be drinking good quality water. I could not see the water filter, nor was I conscious of its presence directly, but the water was always good and pure because of that invisible source. A pure heart is like that. It cannot be seen. It does not declare loudly its presence. But, it constantly affects what is demonstrated in the life that it directs.

      Heart purity is a very biblical idea. When Jesus said, Blessed are the pure in heart, His audience knew what He was talking about. To them it was a reference to the complete inner person. The heart was the center of being. It was from the heart that speech flowed, behavior and attitudes were influenced. When the heart was right presumably all the rest fell into place. For Jesus, heart purity was the goal. Without it a proper relationship with God was impossible (“for they shall see God”).

      January was named for the Roman god with two faces-one facing behind and one forward. As you look back over the year just past, doubtless there are many things you would do differently. Perhaps there are many ways in which your behavior betrayed the pure heart that God desires for you. It was grievous sin that led to David’s impassioned plea to God to “create a pure heart.” In his cry is a request to bring renewal in the relationship between him and his heavenly Father. He desired desperately a “steadfast spirit.” His faithfulness to God and his purity had wavered and badly strayed. As you face the year ahead your personal spiritual goal should be to include heart purity.

QUESTION: Is there a stubborn sin that you cling to? Has your path strayed from heart purity? Confess it to God and pray the prayer that David prayed.