“He will not be disheartened or crushed, Until He has established justice in the earth; And the coastlands will wait expectantly for His law.”

Isaiah 42:4, NAS

      This verse is an example of the faithfulness of the Lord. How long will He be faithful to His plan? He will be faithful until His plan is complete…”Until He has established justice in the earth.”

      A few years ago we were building the house in which we now live and our oldest child was almost six. She is a sensitive little girl as it relates to spiritual discernment. At five she accepted Christ and asked her mother and me if she could stay in “big church” on Sundays because she wanted to see who was making decisions for Jesus. Well, our house was finished and we moved into it but the next-door neighbor’s house was still under construction at the time. Our daughter decided to put some signs in her bedroom window facing the construction crews. She went to great lengths to write, “Jesus loves you,” as well as add some spectacular art work. She understood God’s faithfulness and it caused her to see the bigger picture of the Kingdom of God.

      Here is the point: I was concerned about construction debris, dirt, and strange men on my property. My daughter was concerned with the workmen becoming saved. How could I have missed it? Understanding God’s faithfulness enables you to become faithful because you begin to see the world through His eyes. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it is wonderful but it is always the best. He will continue to be faithful until….

      God’s faithfulness is really good news for us. The best part is that His faithfulness is not dependent on me. To the extent that I embrace His faithfulness and all the plans He has for me, I will begin to become faithful myself. Why is that you ask? The answer is simple… Jesus. When Jesus is present, faithfulness becomes the norm.

QUESTION: Do you expect God to save the unlikely ones in your life? What is the most powerful way the Lord has revealed His faithfulness to you in the last month? List three ways that you will practice faithfulness and consistency in your walk with God today.