“Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise.”

Galatians 4: 28-29, NIV

      There are killers loose in the body of Christ. Do you know any? Are you one of them? They are grace killers and their aim is to destroy the unbridled joy which is the birthright of all those who know Christ. We want to worship the One who saved us, but they want to fight about which songs we should be using. We want to give generously in response to God’s goodness, while they try to stir up controversy about who is spending money and why. We want to work together to share the love of Jesus with a desperate world, but they will label us their enemies if we do not agree with their opinions or methods.

      By God’s grace I have managed to survive many encounters with grace killers over the years, but I have seen many a brother or sister lose all their joy at the hands of these insidious assassins.

      It was that way in the Galatian churches, too. Paul observes in today’s passage that the legalists (born according to the flesh, like Ishmael) were persecuting those who held firmly to grace (born according to the Spirit, like Isaac). What is Paul’s advice? Read verse 30 and see for yourself.

      What inspires the grace killers? There is something about grace that makes those who see it either want to have it or to crush it. Whatever the case, the people of grace have put up with grace killing foolishness for too long. I say we let them sulk in their self-imposed misery, but give them no quarter in our lives and churches. The joy of the Lord is our birthright!

QUESTION: Have you let the grace killers get to you? Have you been one yourself? Cast off those chains today. You are not a child of slavery, but of freedom.