“You are good, and what you do is good…
Our God is in heaven; He does whatever pleases Him.”
Psalm 119:68; 115:3, NAS

After morning worship, a young woman came to me, with a quiver in her voice and a flash of anger in her eyes, and said, “You just said in your sermon that ‘God is good.’ Well, He certainly has not been good to me!”

A year before, her baby had died. My heart broke for her. On the outside, she was an attractive, together woman but inside her world had disintegrated into a chaotic mess. Her pain was so great she no longer trusted God. After what she had been through, the very idea that He is good offended her.

Does our confidence in God depend on our experience, or on His character? Does our understanding determine what is true, or does what is true shape our understanding? God is good, the Bible tells us. Once that truth takes root in me, then I can trust Him even when what He does appears not to be good. Even in tragic circumstances, He is still good.

My mind wants to make everything work out cleanly, with no unexplained loose ends. But how often does life work out like that? As finite creatures living for the glory of an infinite Creator, I have to leave some room for mystery. I have to allow for those times when I do not understand but trust the One who does…and that eventually becomes enough. God is good, just as David said. Therefore, I will trust him to be so. Even when my experience tells me otherwise, He is still good.

QUESTION: As you try to understand heart-breaking situations in a fallen world, what difference does it make that God is good and only does what is good? Is there anything in your life right now which might cause you to doubt the goodness of God?