“I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

Matthew 25:36b, NIV

Admittedly, I am not really street-wise, and so when I was asked several years ago to participate in a prison ministry retreat, I really felt out of my comfort zone. I thought, what can I offer to these men? My life has been without run-ins with the law. I have done a pretty good job of staying out of prison. What do I know about their lives? How can I relate?

      Well, after much prayer, I said yes to the prison ministry retreat, and am I glad I did! What an experience! As I prepared for that special time, I prayed that God would use me and allow me to have the right words to share with them. In the retreat experiences that I have been involved with, I have found that God has definitely gone before us – He has paved the way, so to speak, and God can do powerful things. Some of the freest people I have ever met are behind bars. Yet their spirits and persons are free from a terrible past because Jesus set them free. Jesus can do dramatic things…even in prisons!

      Some days, even though I live in a comfortable community in the freest nation in the world, I see people who are imprisoned. They are imprisoned by their wants, by their possessions, by their lifestyles, and by their expectations.

      I encourage you to pray for those who are imprisoned: those in correctional institutions around the world, that they would know the freedom Jesus offers. But, also, pray for those that are bound by their own imprisonment of life’s desires. Pray also that they would find a freedom for their souls.

QUESTION: Are you bound by your own imprisonment of your life’s desires? Pray that you would find a freedom for your soul.