“Sir, we wish to see Jesus.”
John 12:21b, NAS

We live in a day when there is very little commitment to anything. The reason is there is very little surrender to anything. If I surrender my own needs to the needs of others, then I will find myself committed to their lives. Jesus Christ, some 2,000 years ago, surrendered His entire life for me… what would happen if I submitted mine back to Him?

In John 12:21, the Greeks were seeking to meet and learn from the Lord. They wanted to see Jesus. Do you want to see Jesus? He wants to see you. He wants to relate to you each and every day. He wants you to become so intimate with Him that you know the plans He has for you.

It was about 1:00 AM and I was thirsty for milk. Ok, Ok, I was also hungry for cookies. I took a big bite out of a soft, sweet chocolate chip cookie as I was pouring a large glass of milk. I could already taste the milk in my mind and knew that this was going to be a wonderful experience. I moved the glass toward my mouth with great expectation only to be repulsed by the large gulp of sour milk. My late night sugar fix was a complete catastrophe. Needless to say, I now check milk before I ever put it in my mouth. I can honestly say that I have a sour milk phobia.

If you want to experience the sweetness of Jesus in your life, then frequent self-examination is needed. By looking at yourself through the lens of Scripture under the direction of the Holy Spirit, you will find the areas of needed spiritual growth. Your relationship with the Savior is waiting for your faithful obedience to respond to His leadership. Can you really stomach anything else?

QUESTION: What is souring my relationship with Jesus? When, where, and how will I honestly deal with this area/struggle and give it to Jesus?