“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!”
Philippians 4:4, NAS

The practice of worry-free living is right out of God’s Word. The apostle Paul probably penned these words while being imprisoned. He says, “Rejoice, be happy.” These words come right after Paul is encouraging unity and harmony in the church at Philippi. Evidently two of the women were at odds with one another. None of that seems to matter to the jailhouse writer because he says, under the inspiration of the Lord, rejoice! Rejoice sometimes?…no, rejoice always. This simple little verse has a huge principle attached to it. It does not teach us to rejoice for the sake of rejoicing, but rather it gives a simple formula.

“In the Lord,” is the key. You see, the Lord is the only One who can bring about true rejoicing. Consider some of the things God did not say:

  • Rejoice in your job
  • Rejoice in your family
  • Rejoice in your possessions
  • Rejoice in your friends
  • Rejoice in your finances
  • Rejoice in your church

No it is simply, “Rejoice in the Lord.” Stop substituting other things and people for the true object of rejoicing. It will never suffice until Jesus is the One in your life that is glorified and honored.

Real gladness/true happiness/hilarious energy/off the wall, wow I am glad to be alive living/the good life/no worries – this kind of life comes from only one source. The source of life itself, Jesus. When the foundation of your life is a vibrant relationship with the One who brings joy, you will have joy. It will come in no other way but through obedience and following after the Joy Giver. So, do not worry, be happy… happy in the Lord.

QUESTION: Have you ever experienced true happiness? What was it like? How did you know it was the real deal? What will you do today to be “in the Lord?” Does your calendar reflect an “in the Lord” routine?