“The Lord was with Joseph and blessed him greatly.”
Genesis 39:2a, NIV

      In 1930, two young brothers named Dick and Maurice McDonald moved from New Hampshire to California to pursue the American dream of being successful. After a few failed ventures, they struck gold when they opened a small drive-in restaurant. By the mid 1950’s, their annual revenue was $350,000, and the brothers split $100,000 in profits.

      You might think, yes, the rest is history. But you may be surprised to know the rest of the story. In 1954, a man by the name of Ray Kroc came into the picture. Ray Kroc saw potential that the brothers did not see. In 1961, Kroc bought the exclusive rights to McDonald’s for the sum of $2.7 million, now with more than 21,000 restaurants worldwide, the rest of the story is history indeed.

   The lessons learned from this story are:

   Don’t pull up short of your God-given dream.
   Don’t allow someone to out-dream you. 
   Don’t allow someone else to finish your dream.

   Christians look to Joseph as the role model for dreaming big. Genesis 39 holds important lessons for all dreamers. Some lessons in this chapter that can help us from stopping short of our dreams are as follows: know that God is with us (verses 2, 21, and 23), know that God is aware of our actions (verse 9), know that God can make the bitter things in life sweet (verses 21-23).

QUESTION: Have you stopped short of your God-given dream? Why do we give up on dreams that we truly feel are from God?