“…not My will but Yours be done.”
Luke 22:42, NIV

During a recent visit to my favorite bookseller I found myself caught in an aisle filled with two things – books and misery. A young father was trying his best to satisfy his small daughter’s love of books. It was obvious he loved his daughter deeply and he loved her love of books. The problem was her choice of books. She had eyes only for the $25.00 books, and her father had a $10.00 budget for that night. The misery was a result of the conflicting desires.

The whole store could hear the debate loudly and clearly as the tiny girl wailed and yelled against her father’s will. At one point she said, “But you got paid today!” I thought of my own four children, and how I had always longed to give the best, but the best at that moment was $10.00, not $25.00. I am convinced that little girl missed a great opportunity to touch all of us and her father’s heart by simply saying, “Whatever you say is fine, Daddy.” I suspect that response would have made that dad want to check his wallet one more time.

When Jesus was about to die at Calvary, what He wanted as a man was different than what His Father knew was needed, but Jesus said, “Your will be done.” God the Father knew in three days the situation would be different. Thank God Jesus said, “Whatever you say is fine, Daddy.”

Very often we will find ourselves in love with the same things our Heavenly Father loves, but His limit on us is set differently than our desire. When these moments come, we must focus on the character of our Heavenly Father and not on the totality of His personal resources. He does have enough to do whatever we want, but His overall plan may dictate limiting the fulfillment of our desire for now.

QUESTION: Can you accept God’s current decisions in your life? Can you rest in the fact that He sees the future?